The Gaza War: Sixth Month Deathiversary

An anthology of my blogs on the Israel vs Hamas conflict

Mookie Spitz
2 min readApr 10, 2024

Several people have asked me to elaborate on my POV regarding events in the Middle East since October 7th, so I’ve aggregated my blogs on the topic here. I also recently recorded a livestream on the topic with author and friend Ali Rizvi, which if you’d like to watch/listen can be streamed here:

Here’s another post on the video, with shorter clips, soon. Suffice to say that overall my attitude toward the conflict is close to that of pundits like Fareed Zakaria and Ian Bremmer, although I have my own opinions and emphasize my own elements, of course. Let’s keep the discussion going…

From October 7th through December 31st, 2023:

Reading the tea leaves on Israel’s broader aspirations in the region:

Rather than “genocide” I apply the term “domicide” and explain why:

A contrarian opinion to my own contrarian opinion in this one area:

A summary of how asymmetrical warfare continues to benefit Hamas:

Why I believe the Israeli endgame is delusional and dangerous:

A prediction that sadly proved correct about dual motivations for death:

A tragically humorous adaptation of a classic Chris Rock comedy routine:

A dire prediction based on the recent withdrawal of IDF forces from Gaza:

Elaborating on why I believe the war will soon spread to a second front:

More typing as the events unfold…




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