Why Trump Will Be the GOP Presidential Candidate in 2024

Here we go again…

Mookie Spitz
2 min readMar 11


Trump is baaaaaaack. You know why?

Because he never left. He’s like a shark who swam out a few miles, always close to the shipwreck, and now smells fresh blood.

Liberals STILL don’t undestand his visceral appeal to millions of Americans, who simply and completely HATE THE GOVERNMENT.

Sure, there’s racist, misogynist, homo- and xenophobic underpinnings to MAGA, fueling the whole shitshow.

But the Left needs to understand it’s ultimately about the person. Most Republicans hate Trump, too. That’s the whole point.

Why? Because when you despise something, anything, like certain people, institutions, then you just want to blow them up.

As designated asshole, hustler, dirtbag, liar, and fake billionaire, Trump is the ultimate political and cultural anarchist.

So the more vile he is, the more outrageous his illegal and unethical shenanigans, the MORE his supporters love him.

“But what about DeSantis?” you ask. Isn’t he more “electable”? Isn’t he a tamed down, more centrist, more palatable version of Trump?

Answer: So what? Why would devoted fans go see a lame tribute band if they can instead see the original talent, who’s still rocking it?

“What about Trump’s legal jeopardy?” you ask. What if he’s indicted? Again, so what? Law suits are proof Trump is the Bad Boy his base loves.

As a bonus, becoming President again will get Trump legally off the hook by reactivating his Executive Privilege. More motivation to go for it.

Bottom line: Unless something unexpected happens, consider Donald J. Trump the de facto GOP Presidential candidate for 2024.

So the most important question to ask is: “What are you going to do about it?” And if your answer is “Joe Biden” then one shudders to think…

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