Why America Sucks Right Now

The country is barreling toward extremism

Mookie Spitz
1 min readJun 13, 2022


Which is worse?

a) Authoritarian Trumpista fascisti who are willing and eager to destroy democracy, justified by hating libtards and fueled by fear of a Black Planet, or

b) Progressive Liberal intelligensia who are deluded into cannibalizing their own, justified by infantile idealism and fueled by smug self-righteousness

End of any shitty day, I’m forced to conclude that b) is annoying as fuck but less dangerous, yet I’d have a much better time having a beer and bullshitting around with a).

That’s the essence of what sucks in this country now: Right wing nutjob assholes are cooler and more self-assured than Left wing blowhard morons.

Case in point:

Kellyanne Conway and Cornel West on Bill Maher this week. I couldn’t help but love to hate Kellyanne, and thought The Professor talked in circles and said absolutely nothing.

And that, my friends, is yet another reason the GOP will annihilate the Democrats in 2022, and a Republican will no doubt be President in 2024 — most llikely the Ultimate Likeable Douchebag, DeSantis.



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