Trump Again Trumps the Law

How perception continues to defeat reality, and what the Democrats need to learn

Mookie Spitz


Nobody likes being told what to do.

Power is getting people to do what you want them to do.

Successful leaders, brands, and organizations don’t tell people what to do.

Instead they understand what their followers, customers, and tribe want, and inspire them to act on what they consider to be a flattering reflection of themselves and their own, already entrenched beliefs and values.

Winning politicians understand this best, since their messaging is by nature designed for pure behavioral manipulation. And no politician in memory does it better than Donald J. Trump.

Like everyone else, this KFC-devouring, pussy-grabbing, Putin, Duarte, and Kim-loving, democracy-destroying, Rona-bleaching, Muslim-banning, white trash fake billionaire from Queens is better at some skills than others.

What he’s an unmatched GENIUS at is understanding his target audiences and communucating with them in a simple, direct, and emotional way that super-charges their cherished beliefs, making himself their champion and savior.

As Sam Harris said in his pithy, powerfully illuminating podcast “The Key to Trump’s Appeal”, our 45th President creates an electrifying combination of his own brazen lack of moral superiority and shamelessness vs. the sanctimony and judgement of the liberal “elites”:

  1. “Trump is just a bundle of sin and gore, and he never pretends to be anything more. Perhaps more importantly, he never even aspires to be anything more. And because of this, because he is never really judging you — he can’t possibly judge you — he offers a truly safe space for human frailty… and hypocrisy… and self-doubt. He offers what no priest can credibly offer: a total expiation of shame. His personal shamelessness is a kind of spiritual balm.”
  2. “What’s from the Left? Exactly the opposite message. Pure sanctimony. Pure judgement: You are not good enough. You’re guilty, not only for your own sins, but for the sins of your fathers. The crimes of slavery and colonialism are on your head. And if you’re a cis, white, heterosexual male (the absolute core of



Mookie Spitz

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