The Love Test

How can you tell the difference between letting go and staying in?

Mookie Spitz
1 min readJul 19, 2022


Our society equates success with strength, failure with weakness.

The opposite is true for close, meaningful relationships.

Love that lasts accepts and embraces failure and weakness.

We are terrified of revealing our core vulnerabilities.

People might see us for whom we really are, and run.

The freedom to fuck up with impunity is the real test.

If after the smoke clears they stay, you’ve built trust.

If they support instead of judge and criticize you, they care.

And if they are kind in the face of your biggest fails, they love you.

The “perfect” relationship ends at the first sign of trouble.

The true and lasting relationship only grows stronger.

Do they truly care about you? Do they really love you?

Show them your worst to bring out the best in both of you.

And if they pass, then you know it’s worth your while to go all in.

Go ahead and open up to them. Lavish them. They are yours.



Mookie Spitz

Chicago native now in New York City by way of LA. Hungarian parents, Korean kids, racks of electric guitars, shelves of Rubik's Cubes, and mountains of LEGO.