The Dangers of Defending Ukraine

Fighting for demoracy is noble and necessary, but the Ukraine War is futile and disastrous

Mookie Spitz
2 min readJun 3, 2022


Zelensky recently acknowledged that 20% of Ukrainian territory is in Russian control. That’s in stark contrast to the momentum apparently built.

Might Ukrainian victories and Russian defeats been exaggerated to stimulate larger aid packages from the EU and US?

Might the US in particular been suckered into sending to Ukraine the equivalent of 85% of Russia’s total annual military spend?

Might Ukraine lose despite all our help, Russia’s initial losses not deterring them from “winning” a long grinding war of attrition?

Might our strategy to openly encourage Kremlin regime change at the expense of negotiations be flawed and dangerous?

Might the Russian blockade of the Black Sea starve tens of millions in India and beyond, forcing NATO intervention and escalation?

Might a better strategy be — as painful as it appears — to acquiesce to Russia’s demands and cede large swaths of Ukrainian territory?

Might the world be forced to accept the loss of Ukraine, Taiwan, and other independent countries to avoid escalation to nuclear war?

Might we be witnessing the dawm of a new era when nuke powers do whatever they want as long as their own boundaries aren’t crossed?

I want Ukraine to force the Russians to completely withdraw, but I don’t see that as a viable possibility, even with our help. Realpolitik is the only way out.



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