Technocalypse Now

Big Tech needs a reboot and Musk is just the guy to CTL-ALT-DEL

Mookie Spitz


The current crypto, tech, and streaming crashes are the perfect backdrop for Elon Musk’s imperfections to wreak maximum havoc.

His infantilism is just what the doctors of disruption ordered, and Twitter is the most disabled patient to either resurrect or bury.

Regardless what you think of the world’s richest egomaniac, Musk is the right guy for the wrong job: flame-on, motherfucker!

Elon tweets like a billionaire chimpanzee jerking off in a gold plated zoo cage. Let’s celebrate the excitement, anarchy, and opportunity.

In technology verticals where market caps exceed 20, 30, and 40+ times EBITDA, we all need an anti-savior to totally blow this shit up.

Canning half of Twitter’s staff, alienating half the rest? Time to clean house. Frightening away advertisers? The model is broken anyway.

War with Apple? Fuck their 30% graft and app monopoly, go for it! Attacking the Left’s arbitrary content moderation? Bring it!

What’s the worst that can happen? For every action expect a reaction. Trillions in equity vaporized never existed in the first place.

Since birth we are all taught to behave. Social controls are necessary in aggregate but enslave the individual. Go ahead, throw a fit.

Governments have always been this corrupt, businesses this fraudulent. People have always been this shitty. Social media doesn’t lie, it reveals.

The end of civilization brought to you by TikTok has been exaggerated. Never have more people been this connected. The vampires byte.

Our brains have become pixellated, genes CRISPR’d, information Deep Fake’d, and art AI’d. Feyerabend wins, science is reborn.

Time accelerated, our perspective is lost. The worst of times is actually the best of times, Dickens’ dad finally out of debt, Orwell inverted.

The long awaited bursting of the pandemic pumped Tech Bubble is here, and Elon Musk is the pin prick popping it. We all need a restart.



Mookie Spitz

Author and communications strategist. His latest book SUPER SANTA is available on Amazon, with a sci fi adventure set for Valentine's Day 2024.