Taking a Break from Blogging to Finish Our Second Novel

At the home stretch and totally immersed in our new narrative

Mookie Spitz
May 7, 2024
Cover of our latest illustrated novel set for a June launch

Friends and followers have noticed my otherwise prolific blogging output precipitously plummeting to zero this month, and here’s why:

My creative partner and I are 100% focused on publishing our second illustrated novel, and we’re putting everything we’ve got into it.

More about our exciting project as we approach the launch, but suffice to say for now that I’ll be silent for most of the month of May.

Thanks for your interest and support — we’re thrilled to be immersed in the first book of what will be a series of original sci-fi adventures!

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Mookie Spitz

Author and communications strategist. His latest book SUPER SANTA is available on Amazon, with a sci fi adventure set for Valentine's Day 2024.